RPRH has a primary focus on providing customer centric staffing and consulting services. Our team of experts scouting the best talent make us trust worthy & reliable.

Our in-house technology platform, processes & tools enables us in talent filtration & providing a quick turnaround time. RPRH has future plans of developing executive training modules and e-Commerce portals.

Our Services

Often times special talents are required for a particular team or function; typically these requirements are driven by HR and budget controlled by Finance. RPRH, recognizing these challenges, plays a meaningful role in connecting all the dots, and providing the BEST FIT talent.

Our Consistent efficiency makes us Trust Worthy and Reliable in our services for:

  • Executive Staffing

    Our Senior Management team gets hands on, in screening the potential candidates and in many cases, would have a ready pool, with our ongoing passive hiring efforts to provide the BEST FIT.

  • Permanent Staffing

    RPRH refines a talent requirement, everything from knowledge & experience, right down to personality & match compensation expectations, to make a quick & efficient hiring completion.

  • Contract Staffing

    RPRH has a captive team of screening focused on Contract & Contract-for-Hire Staffing for an organization to support new or short Projects, meet occasional or seasonal requirements & also observe performance before permanent hiring.


As an antithesis to the proverbial idiom, Round Pegs Round Holes works with a true spirit and enabling a BEST FIT for professionals & organizations.

RPRH strongly believes that skills are the core of every organization and we at RPRH, value people – their talent, passion, creativity & commitment.

A team that has vast experience since the 90’s from varied industry backgrounds and who have worked in Enterprises and Startups at C levels, bringing a knowledge base and relationships with several marquee IT & Non-IT organizations, manages RPRH.